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So stinkin' cute!!!!!!!!!!

OMFG just checked out this gift set!!! and only $32!!!! I want all these mini Birkin bags! I bought a bunch for galentines but getting more to keep in my gift stash for later

Loving it!

Really been enjoying the great selection, the last box I received in particular was amazing!!

Perfect gift for your friends, family, or even yourself!

This is one of my favorite items from Sokit Beauty! It's such a perfect little gift because it comes in a cute bag, and all the products in this kit are products I genuinely love so much! They're perfect for traveling too since they're mini 💞

What a great selection of masks!!!!

This box had at least 3 of my all time favorite masks!! and they had Dr Jart in here too! what?!! these go for like $9 and there were 2 of them this month along with a bunch of other luxury ones. I'm coming back for more!!!

perfect gift for teachers

My toddler has been having a few diaper accidents and I felt so bad for the teacher who had to help clean him up... this was the perfect little token of appreciation!

Crack me Not
Jacquelyn Duran
Dry and Sensitive skin

The different types of face masks that were chosen for me were perfect. My skin feels so amazing and moisturized. I am noticing an improvement with my dry skin.

Keep your Cool
Leann Yu
Amazing products

Best thing I've tried before getting all the prescription medicine my dermatologist recommended!!!! I feel like my doctor was jumping to harsh topicals too quickly but this stuff totally calmed my acne flare ups! Will buy again!!

Best Combo of Masks!!

All of the masks were so high quality. I loved the variety in the box. Each of the masks had different benefits. Will definitely be changing my one-time purchase to subscription!

so gentle

so gentle on my skin! Yet another great product from this brand!

snail love!!

This was very gently on my sensitive skin. I love them!! I tried a few other products from Benton and I loved them all. Bought a pack of 10 and I'm coming back for more!

Great but with a small downside

This mask truly brightened my skin and evened out my skin tone, reduced my redness considerably. The only downside is that it has somehwat of a scent. Smells great but I prefer my products fragrance-free.


great texture, very good quality, and the best part is that it has no fragrance! please add more products from this brand, I am loving it!!

Love the choices!

Purchased the kit for my daughter and me and we love the choices provided by the BV kit! There is a well thought out selection of masks that can be used on various types of skin. We are enjoying our spa moments and love how our skin responds to the masks! Thank you, Sokit and we will be back soon for more ;)

Great product

Great product. Fits ur face very nicely and it gives u a nice cooling feeling

Balanced Out
Moisturizing and soothing

I haven’t heard of this brand before but heard great things about then so I gave them a try. This mask was drenched in ampoule which is great cuz I love using the excess on my neck and arms. The sheet was thicker than some others I tried before and that made it easy to unfold and put it on my face. My skin felt very hydrated and I had enough serum to apply another layer to my skin after taking the mask off. I give this mask a thumbs up.

Best gift for my bridesmaids!

My girls loved the gift!! I am so glad I found this website! I bought a box for each of my bridesmaids and it was perfect to take to my bachelorette in Hawaii! Loooved using them every day during our trip after sunbathing!

Hydrating and soothing

My skin was feeling rough two days after a dermaplane treatment, so I decided to use this sheet mask that I’d just received. It left my sometimes sensitive skin feeling smooth and hydrated into the next morning. It didn’t irritate my skin at all, and I used the extra serum for my hands. This is my new favorite!

Face Mask

I really love my face masks that I bought... Will continue to use your products

Share the loooove

Got a pack of ten as a gift from my sister - but when we opened the box she decided to take 5 haha. I got the Zombie pack which has 8 packs of clay-mask! We put it in the fridge for a little bit before putting it on to get that "spa" feeling. Currently wearing it with my sister and mom as I write this review. Love it!!

Crack me Not
Leann Yu
No more dryness

very since I turned 35, winters make my skin extremely dry. It's bad because my skin gets dry and I get this crustiness that I can't even hide with makeup (in fact, makeup makes it look worse). I tried this brand because my cousin swears by it. When I opened it, it had a lot of extra "juice" so after I put on the mask, I put all the extra juice on top of the mask and laid there for a good 20 minutes. Of course my skin was nice and moist when I was done with it, but the real surprise was the following day - my skin was in great condition and still pretty moist! Love this brand!!!

So many awesome products!!

I used to live in Korea and miss going to the store and find tons of masks displayed for me to pick and choose from. This pack kind of reminded me of that feeling of coming back home with a bunch of masks with different ingredients. I was also surprised to see some of the most popular masks included in the selection. Definitely recommend!

Love my Yuja

I first tried this mask when I went to Korea and loved it! I've been trying to find it in stores here in the US but had no luck finding it. Until now!! When I found it here I got a box of ten because I never want to run out of these again! It's hard to describe, but it feels so "fresh" when I have it on, and afterwards, my skin seems more glowy. Love-love-love!!

Balanced Out
Leann Yu
So much serum!!

So much serum!! This mask is a bit thick (which I like, because it's easier to unfold) and was DRENCHED in serum!! I am not sure if it's okay to do this, but i kept the mask on and kept re-applying the serum every 20 minutes haha. I had it on for like 1 hour while finishing up my netflix show. My skin felt like a baby's booty afterwards. Highly recommend!!!

Love this brand!!

Would totally recommend and buy again! I tried a few products from this brand and every time I am happy with the quality of their products! I feel like they are very mild and great for sensitive skin. I really love how luxurious this mask felt and my skin was radiant after using it!

Trying it out

I stopped going to get facials after a particularly bad experience. I was too afraid to use anything on my skin for fear of making my breakouts worse, but I did some research online and came across the Tea Tree Care Solution mask. I just got 3 to try it out, and I must say, it made my skin feel softer and clearer. It obviously doesn't do miracles, but my skin definitely feels better after use. I may get a few more and see how I like it for long-term use, but so far, so good!