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Get healthy skin with our premium Korean sheet masks

✨ Trustworthy brands and formulations

✨ Targeting specific skin concerns

✨ Delivered to your door monthly or quarterly

✨ With amazing gifts every 3rd order

The only decision you need to make is choosing which kit is right for you based on how frequently you wish to mask!

sokit beauty offers 3 subscription kits of premium korean sheet masks.  the starter kit has 5 sheet masks, the best value kit has 10 sheet masks, and the full body kit has 10 premium sheet masks and other body care products
showing the custom kit for acne-prone skin, the name of the kit is "keep your cool" and includes 7 authentic premium korean sheet masks and pimple patches

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✨ KEEP YOUR COOL Kit for Acne-prone Skin

✨ DON'T IRRITATE ME Kit for Sensitive Skin

✨ CRACK ME NOT Kit for Dry Skin

✨ STOP THE DRIP Kit for Oily Skin

✨ PARTNER IN CRIME Kit for Combination Skin

✨ BALANCED OUT Kit for Normal Skin

Each kit has specific masks customized for your skin type.



limited time bundles

Don't get overwhelmed with the ocean of skincare information out there. We bundled the best skincare products and routines for you!

✨ Popular and reputable brands

✨ Research-backed effective products and ingredients

✨ Perfect as gifts

sokit beauty's dark spot care kit includes goodal green tangerine vita c cream and serum (full size and travel size), 3 goodal green tangerine vita c dark spot care sheet masks, 1 beauty of joseon sun relief sunscreen